Refused Legal Aid Assistance?

We might have the solution for you

Here at Fox & Staniland Lawyers we understand you expect a lawyer to be a problem solver. We provide all our clients with a solution and a tailored strategy to get the best result possible. We work for you but also with you.

Does any of the below describe you:

  • You have applied to Legal Aid only to have your request dismissed;

  • You understand you need to hire a lawyer to represent you but no solicitor will listen to you about your case once they hear “rejected from Legal Aid”;

  • You have contacted many law firms and spoke to solicitors but they do not wish to take your case based upon your budget;

  • You have not been given a solution or strategy on how you can solve your problem and you feel as though you are being ignored and the system is unfair.

  • You have a Legal Aid lawyer but you feel that your case is not a priority for them.

3 ways we can keep your costs down

1. Ask for a fixed fee

If you are concerned about our solicitors hourly rates we can provide you with a fixed fee amount throughout your case to allow you to budget and maintain peace of mind towards costs. We understand this can be a stressful time, opting for a fixed fee matter can at the least reduce your worries as you know costs will not be increased beyond your expectations, keeping you in control.

2. Staying out of Court

Our solicitors are all collaboratively trained and have experience trying to keep your matter out of court. Avoiding litigation is one of the best ways to keep your costs down if both parties are reasonable and willing to give a favourable outcome for both parties.

3. Do some of the work yourself

We know at times it can be hard to pay a solicitor to do everything in your case and it can become costly on an hourly rate. One way you can keep the costs down is by doing some of the simple things yourself and just contact us and obtain advice on the legal issues when you need it. We can advise you through your case and let you know what you must do step by step.  Having a lawyer to advise behind the scenes can dramatically save on costs and this may be an option if you know you may need to budget and save for a solicitor to represent you on your court date.