The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"Dear David

I want to say a big Thank You - especially to you but also your team - for all your advice at this challenging time for me.

Best regards

S 24/06/2022

"Good morning Fidan,

I have to admit, I think I am still in "OMG" shock. Yesterday's tactics were a lot for me to witness and experience. Although I anticipated some degree of dirty tactics that just blew me away. But, it's over now. WE TRIUMPHED!!!.

I don't think it will sink in for a while. But I am so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to have you in our lives.

What you did for us and how you did it, I will never forget and always be indebted to you for.

From the bottom of all our hearts Fidan, THANK YOU!

You are our angel, and I hope you never forget our underestimate what you gifted us yesterday.

I hope in any situation that may arise in the future, where you may question what you do or why you do it, you remember us, you smile and you "Fidan" the crap out of the obstacle that lies in your clients children's path, to ensure them the life and happiness they deserve and are entitled to.

You kept your word, you brought your A-Game. You gave me a fighting chance. You gave me my children and ensured their happiness.

I wish you and your family, your husband and your gorgeous little ones a blessed life filled with everything your hearts desire and sincerely thank you for all you've done for mine.

You are MY HERO and I will never forget that!

The happiest and most grateful Father in the world,

J 30/03/2022

"Hi Fidan,

Thank you for all your help and representation. You have been such a champion lawyer and advisor.

Much appreciated and best wishes,
S 24/01/2022

"Dear Jonathan and Fidan!

I’m still a bit shocked that is over. I can’t believe it!!!

Thank you very much for your help and support. I would have not survived this process without your help.

Sorry for being snappy at times.

Again, I’m very grateful to you guys being on my side. Thank you!

Kind Regards
I 22/11/2021

"Dear Robert

I wanted to formally express my gratitude to yourself and Jonathan for the attention you have given to this long and arduous case.

This has helped me to remain confident of a positive outcome.

Thank you also for your respect in times when personal information was revealed. It meant I could trust you and not feel embarrassed.

This evening I am still in shock and don’t know quite how to process what may come next!

I look forward to seeking your assistance as we finalise the details.

It was a fantastic result!

P 28/09/2021

"Dear Fidan,

Thank you so much.

That’s great news about Monday.

You have made this difficult experience, as seamless as it could be.

With huge appreciation.

Kindest Regards,
E 24/09/2021

"Dear Fidan

I am writing to express my whole hearted appreciation for your time and assistance with the legal letter re child support - I was successful in having the loan approved !!

Thank you again and I will definitely recommend your practice to any friends or family needing legal assistance.

Best regards
S 15/09/2021

"Good Morning Fidan, I would like to say thank you for your assistance and trust in me through this difficult time in my life, with your professional and knowledge giving me confidence to get my future back on track.
I am graceful.
Sincerely Yours
S 11/08/2021

"Hi Craig,

Just as an aside. I know D has thanked you before but I would like to re-iterate how amazing we think you are. We're always singing your accolades when the subject of property lawyer or conveyancing come up with people in conversation and they are always amazed at how above and beyond you go and the incredible speed and efficiency of your responses, people only ever have stories contrary (about their experiences with their lawyers) to the one we are telling about our outstanding lawyer. Whether you do what you do, the way you do it, because of the service you offer or just out of who you are, super sharp, concise, helpful and caring. I'd just like to say again a really big Thank You.

Kind regards
N 22/04/2021

"Many, many, many thanks Fidan.

You are a legend - glad to have you in my corner.
T 1/04/2021

"Hey Julia,

I received the contract and final papers in the mail. Thank you all again so much for all your work and support over this process. You made the whole process so much easier!

Warm regards,
G 23/03/2021

"My experience with Fox and Staniland ( and Joy Houghton ) in completion of a Family Law matter was very positive. Joy Houghton was very perceptive, positive and results oriented. I have no hesitation in recommending Fox and Staniland ( and Joy Houghton ) in any matter.

A 21/09/2020

"Dear Fidan,
I just wanted to say a giant thank you for all you have done for me. You got me through this. I have appreciated all of your amazing knowledge and advice, your humour and kindness.
I will see you in January when I come in to sign off everything. I have something little to give you. In the meantime take care and a sincere thank you.
Enjoy the holiday time with the family.
Warm regards, D"
D 21/12/2020

"I highly recommend Joy Houghton, she’s professional, efficient and also very considerate, (she) walked me through every detail, helped me so much through my divorce. Thank you so much!!

Kind regards
M 24/08/2020

"Thanks David, I’m glad that we can now close this out.

Pleasure, we appreciate all that you do, and our clients are very happy with the services they have received by yourself and the team.

G 4/08/2020

"Julia at Fox & Staniland was excellent!! So patient and thorough and very well priced!

M 23/07/2020

"Hi Fidan and Joy,
We are very happy and thankyou both for bringing the case to a successful closure.
D & I 13/07/2020

"Thank you for your letter.

I appreciated the excellent advice from Fidan Shevket, which helped me to negotiate a fairer deal for myself!

Kind regards,
O 09/07/2020

"On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the ongoing diligence shown by you, David, and Korinne in the management of the Estate. I have every confidence that you will continue to mange the issues as they arise in a thoroughly professional manner.

Best wishes,

M 6/07/2020

"Hi Fidan,

Thank you for sending this through, and thank you very much for your help as my lawyer during this hard time.

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have always given your best. Thank you for that and for continually trying to get the best outcome possible.

All the best,
A 9/06/2020

"Dear David and Korinne,

Thank you for all your work in settling the estate over an extended period of time.

Best wishes
On behalf of the beneficiaries"
M 08/06/2020

"Hi Julia,

Thank you for your assistance with these matters. Handled diligently and professionally - I am fortunate to be in good hands.

Well done!

Kind regards
P 4/06/2020

"Just a quick note to thank you both for your help in managing this purchase.

Julia kept us up to date all the time !!

Kind regards

P 4/06/2020

"Thank you David, I appreciate all your hard work, time and help throughout this process.
M 27/05/20

"Dear David
This is just a personal note to thank you for handling the winding up of my wife's estate. Both J and I enjoyed working with you.

B 20/05/20

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