The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"Dear David

Thanks for dealing with the complicated issues relating to my documents. It is very comforting for me to know that I can rely on you to lead me in the right direction.

With kind regards"
L 3/7/18

"Dear David

What I have learned from this is how important good legal advice is, and we have always been grateful to have your advice when needed.

Kind regards"
MB 19/6/18

"Dear David

Thank you for finalising the estate so expediently.

For the final time, on behalf of my family and myself, again I thank you and your staff for your advice and guidance through the complicated procedure and should I ever need your expertise would not hesitate to call you or recommend you.

Many thanks"
D 4/6/18

"Dear Briony,

I would like to express our appreciation for how you have gone above and beyond with such a thorough, detailed and sound letter of advice.

Thanks again"
M 1/6/18

"Dear Briony

I am impressed by your efficiency and engagement with the matter. I envy the professional relationship that you and Fidan share, you both work well as a team and it makes dealing with this matter a lot less stressful.

Kind regards"
G 23/5/18

"Hi Bradley,

I think you did you a fantastic job!"
E 9/5/18

"Hi Bradley
Thank you again for getting a great result on Friday."
C 6/5/18

"Hi Fidan,

Thank you so much.

Both my father and I were so happy with our meeting yesterday. You were so thorough and answered all our questions.

I feel so much better after meeting with you. I know the road ahead is not going to be pleasant but understanding what's going on and having someone by my side that understands me is going to make things so much easier.

M 20/4/18

"Dear David

Thank you very much for all your assistance in the management of my grandparents estates and guardianship matters over the last few years. I very much appreciate it."
A 1/2/18

"Hi Ian

We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent advice you have provided us with during what has been a very stressful and unpleasant exercise.

It has indeed been a pleasure working with you and being able to maintain some semblance of sanity during the whole process, to reach the point of completion.

Thanks again."
I & H 23/1/18

"Hi Nicole and David,

Now that we have settled, many thanks for your help in assisting us with this matter. It was completely stress free from our end and given what we have heard others gone through + the fact it was the first time for us to go through this process - that is a big relief.

You have both been instrumental in making this happen.

P & S 19/1/18

"Thank you so much Fidan!

This is a triumphant occasion (and this is to simply Settle), however I do feel a small sense of loss as you have been an integral part of my support.

It certainly has been an extremely difficult journey, but we did it … for this I sincerely appreciate the late nights, the weekends, the sweat, blood and tears you dedicated to this case. Thank you!"
D 8/12/17

"Thank you ever so much Fidan for the help and support over these many, many months.
What a journey!"
D 27/11/17

"Fidan, thank you for representing me and fighting for my needs. I'm very glad you took on my case. Thank You.!"
K 24/11/17

"Thanks so much Fidan.
As always, you have been exceptional to deal with."
N 21/11/2017

"Hi David
Thanks so much for your help today. Mum was pleased to meet you and you were lovely with her. We had a great day."
M 14/11/2017

"Fidan Shevket's professionalism, expert knowledge and experience was invaluable in achieving a successful and rewarding result. Absolutely, without a question the best Lawyer I've ever seen!"
L 09/11/2017

"Dear David,
Many thanks for all your careful handling of "B's" affairs after his death. Thanks to your secretary also.
We are slowly getting there and it is good to know if we need help we can call on you."
S 02/11/2017

"Thank you, both to you and Fidan for all of your help with everything so far.

I will be pleased to recommend your services at any time"
D 24/10/2017

"Dear Wal
I wanted to say a very big "thank you" for securing my house for me. Your help and advice was just wonderful. It has been a trying 18 months for us all but thankfully it has all worked out.

It has been a pleasure to meet so thank you very much again, I really appreciate everything you have done for me."
L. 03/10/2017

"Hello David,
Thank you for the final Estate correspondence and enclosed documents which arrived today.
Many thanks again to you and Korinne for all your help.
Kindest regards"
L. 31/08/2017

"Dear Fidan
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the last 3.5 years. It was a long road and at times very testing and frustrating. I do hope you not have the pleasure of coming into contact with the other side ever again. It will stay with me for many years I am sure and many stories later.
You were amazing the whole way through the process, calm, reassuring, professional, supportive and showed empathy which for me was a big part of getting through the case. I know why you are so good at your job and if only my ex had a family law specialist the time to settle the case would have been half, I am sure.
Take care, thanks so much."
J. 20/07/2017

"Hi Fidan,
Just wanted to say thankyou. You did a great job today. You are right it wasn't the outcome I really wanted! But, it was probably the fairest and for that I thank you."
R. 20/07/2017

"Dear David and Korinne,
I would like to thank you for all the work and help you gave xxxx and myself regarding the settlement of my father's will. Thank you for your efficiency and thoroughness with all the details. It is certainly a relief to have it all completed."
P. 12/07/2017

"Dear Bradley,
I'm thrilled and honestly did not expect it! I had very little hope of recovering anything after the way they have behaved. Thanks for your excellent advice and the wonderful result.
Kind regards"
B. 30/06/2017