The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"My experience with Fox and Staniland ( and Joy Houghton ) in completion of a Family Law matter was very positive. Joy Houghton was very perceptive, positive and results oriented. I have no hesitation in recommending Fox and Staniland ( and Joy Houghton ) in any matter.

A 21/09/2020

"Dear Fidan,
I just wanted to say a giant thank you for all you have done for me. You got me through this. I have appreciated all of your amazing knowledge and advice, your humour and kindness.
I will see you in January when I come in to sign off everything. I have something little to give you. In the meantime take care and a sincere thank you.
Enjoy the holiday time with the family.
Warm regards, D"
D 21/12/2020

"I highly recommend Joy Houghton, she’s professional, efficient and also very considerate, (she) walked me through every detail, helped me so much through my divorce. Thank you so much!!

Kind regards
M 24/08/2020

"Thanks David, I’m glad that we can now close this out.

Pleasure, we appreciate all that you do, and our clients are very happy with the services they have received by yourself and the team.

G 4/08/2020

"Julia at Fox & Staniland was excellent!! So patient and thorough and very well priced!

M 23/07/2020

"Hi Fidan and Joy,
We are very happy and thankyou both for bringing the case to a successful closure.
D & I 13/07/2020

"Thank you for your letter.

I appreciated the excellent advice from Fidan Shevket, which helped me to negotiate a fairer deal for myself!

Kind regards,
O 09/07/2020

"On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the ongoing diligence shown by you, David, and Korinne in the management of the Estate. I have every confidence that you will continue to mange the issues as they arise in a thoroughly professional manner.

Best wishes,

M 6/07/2020

"Hi Fidan,

Thank you for sending this through, and thank you very much for your help as my lawyer during this hard time.

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have always given your best. Thank you for that and for continually trying to get the best outcome possible.

All the best,
A 9/06/2020

"Dear David and Korinne,

Thank you for all your work in settling the estate over an extended period of time.

Best wishes
On behalf of the beneficiaries"
M 08/06/2020

"Hi Julia,

Thank you for your assistance with these matters. Handled diligently and professionally - I am fortunate to be in good hands.

Well done!

Kind regards
P 4/06/2020

"Just a quick note to thank you both for your help in managing this purchase.

Julia kept us up to date all the time !!

Kind regards

P 4/06/2020

"Thank you David, I appreciate all your hard work, time and help throughout this process.
M 27/05/20

"Dear David
This is just a personal note to thank you for handling the winding up of my wife's estate. Both J and I enjoyed working with you.

B 20/05/20

"Working with Joy during my final property settlement and parenting plan was streamlined, pleasant and predictable. From the up front cost agreement to the final email she was on point with communication and timeliness. I knew exactly what was to be expected and there were no surprise issues in dealing with her. She was upfront and honest about her advice, firm but also respectful of my wishes without judgement. She was professional but also had a caring manner which I appreciated given the dealings are of a personal nature and not a business. She handled herself very well under pressure and stood her ground when it came to my wishes and my end goals, when she had to be, she was direct. I would highly recommend Joy to all of my family and friends who need legal advice that is honest, caring, well informed and forthright. Thanks again for all your help and I am happy with the result you achieved!"
A 30/03/20

""Dear Briony,
Your gentleness during my divorce process was exactly what I needed given the predicament I was in. You have helped me legally, but also you've helped me emotionally. Thank you. Family law needs female solicitors like you - who encourage and support women who are trying to extract themselves from husbands who control all the finances and who continually stall the process of divorce over several years.
Much appreciated.
Kind regards""
A 04/03/20

""Hi Fidan,
Hope you've been well .....
I just wanted to say thank you for all your effort, work, professionalism, knowledge and more importantly, my great outcome in my settlement.
I'm so glad I found you and I will definitely be recommending you to others.
Take care and thanks again, ""
S 29/01/20

I just want to say a very big “THANK YOU” for looking after us over these last 4 months.
I would like to wish you and your family a very relaxed Christmas and New Year. Hope the New Year is good to you.
Hope you have a good break and enjoy the new premises on your return.
Perhaps our paths will cross again."
Kind regards""
L 13/12/19

""Hi Fidan
Thank you for the help with our case.
I think we had a great outcome and essentially it panned out the way we had hoped.
Much appreciated!""
E 31/10/19

"Dear Julia,
Thank you to you and David for the email and for your work in the completion of our sale. I may be in touch should I find a suitable investment property to purchase.
Best regards"
J 8/08/19

"Hi Julia,
I can't thank you enough for all your help, we really appreciate it.
Thank you for putting up with my stressful calls and emails.
P 17/07/19

"Andrew is the most capable, knowledgeable and honest lawyer I have ever had."
S 13/05/19

"Hi Clive,
Thank you so much for preparing and sending this document through. Your advice has been wonderful and should I need any further assistance I will be sure to come and see you.
Many thanks"
R 3/05/19

"Hi David, Thanks again for all your and Julia's help in working to a tight timeframe.
E 6/05/19

"Just wanted to put in writing how fantastic Briony has been over the last few months and particularly during the mediation process on Friday. Her manner is kind, calm, empathetic, reassuring... but she is also strong and very switched on / detail orientated and astute with the numbers. Also felt that she was working in my best interests, had my back, but also fair and reasonable in considering the other side. Really appreciated having her by my side.
Kind regards"
K 17/04/19

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