The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"Thank you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and your staff for the exemplary way in which you assisted my sister and myself in obtaining this extremely satisfying result. At all times we were made feel comfortable and were given constant updates as to what was happening with proceedings. We were told in realistic terms of possible outcomes that could occur resulting from the options we had. The advice we received was always in our best interest. Your guidance assisted us in providing the relevant information required for you to prepare our affidavits."
J. 19/06/2014

"Hi David, thank you for everything you did to bring the Sale & Purchase to a successful conclusion. Would you please pass onto Eugene our sincere thanks for all his efforts."
J. 09/04/2014

"Can I please say finally how much I owe you for giving me such good clear advice in the first place. It has made this process so much easier for me to negotiate and I do feel very much in control of things at present."
M. 2/04/2014

"Hi Fidan, I want to Thank you for your efforts and time on this matter over the last two years."
R. 19/03/2014

"Dear Craig, thank you ... so much for getting this through today we knew it was a big ask and really appreciate the effort involved in expediting the exchange."
T & D 17/03/2014

"Hi Inoka, Thankyou. That is great news. You have been most diligent, sensitive and considerate in our dealings."
S. 7/03/2014

"A big thanks to Fidan and Briony for all of your support and advice. You've all been wonderful to deal with."
K. 5/03/2014

"Hello Fidan, I rang to personally thank you for the help you have given me. While it was more convoluted than expected because of Super Fund issues, you were most polite and professional, and gave me confidence. So thank you."
R. 14/02/2014

"I would like to record my appreciation for the assistance provided to me by your firm, and particularly I wish to mention the valuable and courteous attention provided to me by your paralegal Korinne Montague. I appreciated greatly her assistance and attention to detail. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your firm to friends and family should I become aware of any of them seeking legal assistance and/or advice."

"Hi Fidan, I hope you are well. Firstly, thanks for all your help over the past months with my Financial Separation and drawing up my will, etc. Secondly, all the best for the Festive Season and for 2014."
R. 24/12/2013

"Thank you for all your work in getting me through to settlement. I appreciate the professionalism that you have demonstrated through the process."
M. 2/11/2013

"Hi Fidan, I can't believe how quickly you get things moving. I truly recognise a fellow professional. Next time i get divorced, i'm hiring YOU!"
S. 12/09/2013

"Hello David, thanks very much for your help today, I was not expecting quite such a quick response. Your help and advice was invaluable."
E. 27/08/2013

"Hi Craig, thanks for all your advice and work in these matters, it's been incredibly helpful to [us]."
P. 27/08/2013

"Good morning Richard, I would like to thank you very much for all your time, assistance and advice whilst organising my Will. I understand that this is not an easy process but it went very smoothly. The document reflected my needs, it is so easy to read and I feel perfectly comfortable with the outcome."
W. 20/08/2013

"Hi Craig, thanks for working on this so quickly, really appreciate it and am happy I have someone so good and efficient for my clients!"
A. 7/08/2013

"It was a pleasure for my wife and I to meet you, and be able to get your professional help in our current difficult position. You have given us great confidence, we trust that you will get the best positive outcome possible. Thank you!"
J. 27/09/2012

"Hi Craig, Thanks for your phone message and email. I'd like to really thank you for the work you did for me on this I always had the utmost confidence that you would sort it all out with very little stress for me, and I thank you for that. I would certainly recommend you and the Fox & Staniland to anyone. All the best for the future. You never know, if I end up back in Sydney I may well call on your services again."
D. 24/09/2012

"It has been a pleasant expereince dealing with you and your firm and we look forward to future business."
J. 7/09/2012

"David, I'm rather staggered that before i even had time to reply to your early morning email you've managed to exchange contracts. Many thanks to you for your staggering efficiency and all the help you've given."
S. 28/11/2011

"Dear Craig, Just a short note to let you know i appreciated your counsel in the Preparatiion of my Will."
I. 23/10/2011

"Thanks Craig for your letter finalising this exercise. From our point of view it was not without a few complications, but was handled very expeditiously and well by all parties acting on our behalf. We would like to particularly thank you providing clarity, reassurance and prompt attention. This was very much appreciated. Thank you."
E & B 11/10/2011

"We are very pleased with the outcome that we have achieved so far. It was a great pleasure to have you representing us. I will definitely contact you again should the surveyor find more breach of the DA."
E. 8/10/2011

"Dear Richard, I wanted to write and express our appreciation for all the help and encouragement that yourself, Alanna and all the staff have afforded us over the many years of our association with Fox & Staniland. We can only praise the manner in which you and your company attended to our various needs. Tahnk you again Richard and our best wishes to all."
B. 21/09/2011

"Thank you Alanna, please pass on my sincere thanks to Richard as well, for your usual efficient and professional assistance."
C. 27/06/2011