The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"It has been a pleasant expereince dealing with you and your firm and we look forward to future business."
J. 7/09/2012

"David, I'm rather staggered that before i even had time to reply to your early morning email you've managed to exchange contracts. Many thanks to you for your staggering efficiency and all the help you've given."
S. 28/11/2011

"Dear Craig, Just a short note to let you know i appreciated your counsel in the Preparatiion of my Will."
I. 23/10/2011

"Thanks Craig for your letter finalising this exercise. From our point of view it was not without a few complications, but was handled very expeditiously and well by all parties acting on our behalf. We would like to particularly thank you providing clarity, reassurance and prompt attention. This was very much appreciated. Thank you."
E & B 11/10/2011

"We are very pleased with the outcome that we have achieved so far. It was a great pleasure to have you representing us. I will definitely contact you again should the surveyor find more breach of the DA."
E. 8/10/2011

"Dear Richard, I wanted to write and express our appreciation for all the help and encouragement that yourself, Alanna and all the staff have afforded us over the many years of our association with Fox & Staniland. We can only praise the manner in which you and your company attended to our various needs. Tahnk you again Richard and our best wishes to all."
B. 21/09/2011

"Thank you Alanna, please pass on my sincere thanks to Richard as well, for your usual efficient and professional assistance."
C. 27/06/2011

"Dear Richard, on behalf of the three executors I would like to thank you and your team for the totally professional experience we had handling Dad's Probate. Dad would have been very glad to know it went so smoothly. We look forward to continuing our association with you for many years to come."
C. 15/06/2011

"I was impressed with your very informative seminar talks and again when we met at your office. The information pack that I received at the seminar was extremely useful. Your approach is very different to that of most lawyers, in that you genially come across as wanting to help your clients without incurring extravagant fees in the process. Your approach inspired me with confidence that you are the best team to deal with my matrimonial situation."
V. 31/05/2011

"Hello David, Thank you for handling teh sale of our home and for taking the time to clarify and resolve our queries and make the process as smoothly as possible."
R. 25/05/2011

"Thanks Kerry & Fidan for such a prompt, efficient and professional attention to my request."
K. 21/03/2011

"I hope you don’t mind but my colleague here at the office has asked me for your details to forward to a friend who may contact you regarding a family law matter. I told him how amazing you are, and forwarded your office phone and fax details to him."
K. 25/01/2011

"I came to your seminar with zero knowledge of this subject and no experience of engaging a lawyer, and I really appreciate the way you have led me through this. You are highly knowledgeable, efficient and responsive. Thanks immensely for a job well done."
D. 12/01/2011

"I was extremely impressed by the legal advice and work done by Fidan during what started as an "ugly" divorce. Thankfully in the end due to her knowledge and skills it finally was a smooth flight and we landed on a free runway. I will tell many people about your firm, especially Fidan."
C. 20/12/2010

"Hi Fidan, Thank you for everything this year and all of your support and balance keeping."
R. 19/12/2010

"Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate your professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help me keep costs down. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy the break!"
G. 14/12/2010

"Dear David, I would like to thank you for your prompt and courteous attention at all times. Your account was quiet reasonable and in fact wasunder budget in the disbursements. Please pass this letter on to Wal Abramowicz who has also assisted in our estate affairs."
D. 08/09/2010

"Dear Fidan, Thank you so much for all your assistance during this difficult time. I was astounded by your knowledge, work ethics and willingness to advise me on matters. The law world is certainly foreign to me and i am glad there are people like you who seem to have a grasp on its complexities. Thank you once again."
A. 17/06/2011

"Just a quick note of thanks to your work in preparation of my recent BFA and also for your advice. I am very happy with the outcome."
S. 12/11/2009

"Thank you very much for doing a great job and being highly professional with just the right amount of TLC, in what was a very stressful situation for me."
J. 18/08/2009

"Thank you Fidan and Wal for your help. You really saved me."
V. 9/05/2009

"Hi Fidan, thank you for today. You are lovely person and fantastic lawyer. Thanks for all your help and excellent advice yesterday and throughout the case."
V. 7/04/2009

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