The testimonials below are from previous clients - comments about how their matters were handled and what they thought about the lawyer and team helping them.  

"Hi David, As always - prompt, calming, helpful advice, for which I thank you. I will be in touch when we see something suitable to purchase. Many Thanks."
C. 15/06/2015

"Good afternoon. Thank you so much for your assistance in my recent matter..If I have further need for family law matters i'll be in touch, as you've been more than helpful and considerate."
J. 12/05/2015

"Hi Fidan, Thanks for the other day, you were certainly a pillar of strength for me and a source of great wisdom. Thanks."
D. 16/03/2015

"Thanks Fidan, And thank you for hanging in yesterday for the best outcome given the circumstances. We gave it our best shot and I am therefore completely satisfied with the final result. With much thanks and appreciation."
A. 11/03/2015

"I was impressed by the seminar and will come back for formal advice if I need it. Thank you."
E. 3/02/2015

"Hi, ....thanks again for all you've helped me with. It has been much more difficult than I thought it would be at the start, but i guess that is what everyone experiences. I'll be in touch when divorce proceedings are initiated. All the very best to you for 2015. Cheers."
M. 30/01/2015

"David, Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for sending through the contracts so quickly. Really appreciated."
R. 19/12/2014

"Hi, As our time dealing with each other comes to a close I just cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You have many talents in the legal field and the couple that stand out to me include:
• Your attention to detail, I could not believe how thick my two files were you had at the court hearing – and you knew where to look to respond to either judge or the other side,
• Your pro activeness – you were constantly actioning my case and continually chasing up people to meet your/our timeframes.
• Your strategy – brilliant the way you argued that my superannuation should not be split. I appreciated the hours you worked back especially one night when you put the four options to me in one layout which made it easy to decide the tact I should follow,
• Your courtesy extended to me – I’m 60 and never been involved with a lawyer. You are friendly and made me feel very welcome each time we met, you are easy to talk to and I did not feel inadequate when asking my questions. I hope you also have a special Christmas and the New Year brings you good cheer. All the best and thanks."
A. 16/12/2014

"Well done, you exceeded my expectations and delivered, love your work, thanks."
A. 10/12/2014

"Hi, Just thought I would write to thank you so much for all your hard work leading up to the case. Your structuring of my affidavit ensured Judge Henderson and the otherside were able to get a clear picture of the past events to achieve the outcome on the day. Both XXXXX and I are truly grateful for all your hard work."
T. 10/12/2014

"Hi Fidan, Never got to do my speech, but if I did it would have gone something like this... Thanks for telling me (several times ) to start the court proceedings. Thanks for telling me at the mediation all you hear from me is what my wife wants, and nothing about what I want. Most of all, thanks for providing sound advice every step of the way. It enabled me to ultimately make the right decisions. I hope not to require your services in the future, but you will certainly hear from me if custody needs to be formalised. Thanks Fidan."
P. 27/10/2014

"Hi Craig, On behalf of XXXX, we would like to thank you for your assistance re her purchase."
J. 18/9/2014

"We have received your final letter. Thank you very much for the sale settlement of the property, Warm regards."
I. 17/9/2014

"Hi Richard Martyn,
All went very smoothly today and everyone arrived and worked well together. Many thanks for all your phone calls and for playing detective in finding the right people. Cheers."
M. 1/08/2014

"Dear David, many thanks, all went well. Much appreciated."
J. & U. 31/07/2014

"Dear David, Thank you very much for handling everything so quickly and effiently and please thank Eugene also, and Amy. With all best wishes to you and your team"
E. 29/07/2014

"Hey Inoka. Thank you for your professional assistance today, and calming me down when necessary! You are much appreciated."
L. 25/06/2014

"Thank you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and your staff for the exemplary way in which you assisted my sister and myself in obtaining this extremely satisfying result. At all times we were made feel comfortable and were given constant updates as to what was happening with proceedings. We were told in realistic terms of possible outcomes that could occur resulting from the options we had. The advice we received was always in our best interest. Your guidance assisted us in providing the relevant information required for you to prepare our affidavits."
J. 19/06/2014

"Hi David, thank you for everything you did to bring the Sale & Purchase to a successful conclusion. Would you please pass onto Eugene our sincere thanks for all his efforts."
J. 09/04/2014

"Can I please say finally how much I owe you for giving me such good clear advice in the first place. It has made this process so much easier for me to negotiate and I do feel very much in control of things at present."
M. 2/04/2014

"Hi Fidan, I want to Thank you for your efforts and time on this matter over the last two years."
R. 19/03/2014

"Dear Craig, thank you ... so much for getting this through today we knew it was a big ask and really appreciate the effort involved in expediting the exchange."
T & D 17/03/2014

"Hi Inoka, Thankyou. That is great news. You have been most diligent, sensitive and considerate in our dealings."
S. 7/03/2014

"A big thanks to Fidan and Briony for all of your support and advice. You've all been wonderful to deal with."
K. 5/03/2014

"Hello Fidan, I rang to personally thank you for the help you have given me. While it was more convoluted than expected because of Super Fund issues, you were most polite and professional, and gave me confidence. So thank you."
R. 14/02/2014

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