Domestic Violence

The concept of domestic violence does not only relate to physical abuse.

It also includes:

  • Wilful injury e.g. punching, slapping or pushing;

  • Wilful damage to another person's property;

  • Intimidation or harassment;

  • Indecent behaviour to another person without their consent;

  • A threat to commit an act mentioned above

You may be able to apply to the Local Court for an Apprehended Violence Order if you fear for your safety. These orders can be obtained on an urgent basis. If the other party breaches these orders it can result in them being arrested or even sentenced by the court.

Parenting and shared custody 

If you have experienced domestic violence in your relationship with your spouse, you may want to try and obtain parental power to be the sole decision making parent. To do this you will need to apply to the Court. In circumstances where domestic or family violence has occurred the presumption of shared equal parental time and responsibility no longer applies. The court will make it's decision based on the child's best interests. If you or your spouse is filing for sole custody of the child it is in your best interest to get an accredited specialist in family law for your safety, your families safety and to protect your rights.