A trade mark is a badge of origin. It’s the sign that a business puts forward to distinguish its goods or services from those of its competitors. While the definition of what a sign can be has become so broad as to include sounds and smells, the core of trade mark law remains. It is how traders create a brand and it is how traders protect their brand. If you have a logo or a brand name and it hasn’t been registered, you are running a very serious risk.  

Copyright protects the copyright owner’s work from being copied by others. If you have written a song, drawn up architectural plans, or created a computer program then those works are copyright protected. We can assist you with enforcing your rights. If you have made use of someone else’s work or even just “cut and pasted” some text from a website then you may have breached the copyright owner’s copyright.

Design is the appearance of a product. It is not a trade mark, which is a sign. It is not the product itself. It is the shape, colour and dimensions that a design owner’s product has. If you have designed a product then you can register and protect that design. If you have copied the appearance of a product whose design has been registered then you risk being sued in respect of that breach.