When we advise clients who are entering into new commercial leases, exercising options to renew commercial leases, seeking to vary existing commercial leases, or seeking advice on their obligations under existing commercial leases we have found that no two leases are the same. Accurate, expert legal advice can only be given by a practitioner who understands the individual relationship between each lessee and lessor.

We have extensive experience in advising our clients on the possible application of the Retail Leases Act, capital gains tax and GST implications under a lease, how a guarantee can affect your rights under a lease, sub-leasing, transfers of leases, mortgages of leases and many other issues that arise.

Whether you are a lessee, lessor, guarantor, sub-lessee, sub-lessor or any other interested party we are pleased to offer you the benefit of our advice and experience to assist you with your own individual commercial leasing arrangements.