How do you control what happens to your assets? What happens to your personal assets, like your family home, if your business fails? How will you ensure that your personal life is not affected when, and if, you find yourself facing a “worst case scenario” in your business life?

An appropriate asset protection strategy requires an in depth understanding of your, and your family’s, financial position. There is no single correct answer for asset protection. It may be that the creation of a trust with a family company appointed as trustee is the appropriate solution for you. It may be that a re-evaluation of your family company’s structure is required. We can offer you advice on how to manage your business in such a way that you will not be exposed to any risks.

Having an appropriate asset protection strategy that has been tailored for you and your situation is a necessity for anyone in business. Our business law and commercial team are professionals and would be pleased to share the benefit of years of experience and plan an asset protection strategy with you.