Estate Expenses 

As executor of the estate, you will be entitled to be reimbursed on all reasonable expenses you pay on behalf of the estate. In theory this means every cent you spend in your role as executor must be reimbursed to you out of estate monies, these can include. 

  • essential taxi fares,

  • phone call charges,

  • the Courts filing fee,

  • real estate agents advertising costs, and

  • any essential trips overseas to sort out affairs in other jurisdictions.

However, you will not be entitled to reimbursement if the expenses were not essential. You will also not be entitled to reimbursement if you cannot provide evidence in the form of receipts, bank statements and the like. Executors are entitled to reimbursement of legitimate estate expenses ahead of other creditors. The reimbursement is normally done as soon as probate has been obtained and the estate money is received into the solicitor’s trust account.