Banking & Private Debt Recovery

If someone owes you a debt and they do not seem willing to pay it back, you should contact our litigation team.

We have extensive experience in identifying a debt, managing the relevant court proceedings, and taking the process through to its conclusion whether that sees your debtor bankrupt, wound up, or – best of all – paying you back the money it owes you.  Alternatively, if you are a company that has been served with a Statutory Demand, or a private person who has been served with a Statement of Claim, you should contact us as a matter of urgency.

Debt Recovery Advice

Debt recovery is a blanket term that covers any money owed to any person for any reason where the time set for effecting payment of the debt has passed. Broadly speaking this means debt recovery could refer to unpaid royalties, unrealised insurance benefits, overdue rent and any other payment in between.

We act for a wide variety of clients who require assistance in having the debts owed to them repaid. Sometimes our assistance involves acting as a client’s agent and corresponding with a debtor in order to have the debt paid. Sometimes our assistance involves litigation where one of our clients sues a debtor in court. Occasionally our assistance will include pursuing the debtor to bankruptcy if the debtor is a natural person or winding the debtor up if it is a corporation.