Apps to Help you Co-Parent

Apps to Help you Co-Parent

Apps to Help you Co-Parent

There's an App for everything these days and the latest trend are Apps that assist separated parents to relay information to one another about their children without the need for direct communication.

This helps parents to effectively co-parent, particularly where a level of conflict exists following separation, as emotions are running high. This has a positive impact on the children and allows parents to deal with their changing circumstances in a calm, effective way. The courts are cluing onto the fact that these Apps are helping parents to communicate following separation and we are starting to see some Judges make orders that parents use these kinds of Apps to communicate!

Our top picks are the free Apps:

  1. 2houses and;

  2. Our Family Wizard.

Both of these Apps allow parents to share calendars, photos, make and request changes to time arrangements, and manage costs and reimbursements in relation to the kids.

Our Family Wizard even goes so far as to rate the tone and frequency of the communication and will show whether parents are meeting their positive communication obligations with the other parent by informing them of appointments and activities for the children. 2houses has a "contacts" section so all details of anyone important to the children can be included for both parents to have access to at all times.

Using these Apps can help to ensure that children aren't placed in the middle of any parental conflict. The change in circumstances after separation, especially going from one household to two can be stressful on kids and it is not up to young children to remember everything they need to pack to stay at the other parent's place for the weekend or what they need for their after school activities. Using Apps like this can take the pressure off the kids and keep mum and dad happy.