Professional Negligence Lawyers

Anybody who holds themselves out to be a professional like a lawyer, accountant, doctor, or financial planner has a duty under the law to exercise proper skill and care when they provide professional services. If a professional does not exercise a reasonable degree of skill and care and you feel that you have suffered a loss you may have a legal claim against them. The professional’s behaviour may be of a kind that allows you to make a claim in negligence or breach of contract.

In order to establish that the professional has been negligent you have to be able to establish that:

  1. There has been a breach in duty of care i.e. the person has provided a service which is below the reasonable standard of care required for someone of their skill and qualifications; and 

  2. The service that was below the expected standard caused or contributed to your loss or losses. If the professional was negligent but you suffered no harm, you cannot recover damages.

You may be able to obtain compensation for losses

We frequently act for clients who have problems with regards to:

    • Engineering mistakes;

    • Inappropriate financial advice from accountants or financial planners;

    • Misleading or deceptive conduct from advice given by a professional;

    • An accountant error that has caused you financial loss;

    • Negligence from a previous Solicitor;

    • Incorrect property valuations from a hired valuer.

Be vigilant. Time limits apply to claims of this nature. If you think you may have been a victim of professional negligence, you should contact us immediately.

Professional negligence claims are complex, and they are usually vigorously defended. If you feel you have suffered damage as a result of professional negligence you should seek expert legal advice from a lawyer to determine whether you have a claim.

We also are experienced at advising professionals who are defending a claim of professional negligence. If you are the defendant to professional negligence proceedings, you should contact us without delay.