Adult Child Maintenance

Adult children are entitled to seek adult child maintenance if they are unable to fully support themselves in circumstances where they are completing their education or they have a disability that prevents them from being able to support themselves.

The maintenance contribution to be made by the parents will depend on the child’s necessary expenses and the financial situation of each parent as well as the child.

The Court will take into account the income, earning capacity, property and financial resources of each parent together with their necessary commitments.

A child’s necessary expenses include things such as food/household supplies, utility expenses, transport and accommodation costs and expenses associated with education. Any special expenses that a child may have such as medical expenses will usually be considered as necessary. The Court will determine an appropriate amount to be provided for clothing, hairdressing, vehicle and telephone expenses. Entertainment and social expenses may be excluded.

It will be necessary for the child to show that they are attempting to contribute to their own support, taking into account their course commitment skills and the availability of part time work.

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